Fiona Lewis has just completed her second consulting assignment with the Canadian Red Cross. Once again it was completely successful and Fiona completed the project in less hours that she had submitted in her initial cost and time estimate. Fiona is very detail-focused, timely and deliberate in her approach. It was a pleasure working with Fiona and she worked well with members of the project team as well as the Red Cross volunteers. We will doubtless be working with Fiona again on future projects where we need her considerable expertise.

Ron Pettapiece – Manager, HELP Client Relations, Canadian Red Cross

Fiona provides on site training for staff who are required to drive wheelchair accessible vans. People with disabilities who use wheelchairs are safely secured and comfortable thanks to Fiona’s thorough training. Staff report that they feel more confident after the training. Fiona has also provided recommendations and procedures that ensure good practise in all areas of safely transporting people in wheelchair accessible vans.

I enjoy having Fiona as a resource for my team of staff and people we support who have disabilities.”

Liz Barnet – Executive Director, North Shore Disability Resource Centre 

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Fiona in the non-project sector over the last 15 years. What I most appreciate about Fiona is her inquisitive and systematic approach to everything she does, be it a project or an HR issue.

She takes an impartial view and breaks down the situation with the guidance of policies to formulate a fair solution. With this, she is always thoughtful and driven to ensure a fair resolution.

Fiona is also my is my go-to, whenever I need advice on policy and procedure documentation, she has a keen eye for detail. We recently had an opportunity to work together on a quick-turnaround project. Fiona was able to get up to speed on the materials quickly, which allowed us to work on the project efficiently and effectively. Her guiding nature and professional approach make her a pleasure to work with.

Magdalena Blasiak – Project Manager/Consultant, Sabotage Creative