WHMIS Project

This project involved implementing a Workplace Hazardous Material Information System at more than 60 sites in B.C. and Alberta. Components of the project included:

  • Surveying more than 60 volunteer-operated locations regarding all chemicals currently in use at the site.
  • Analyzing the data collected, researching the properties of all chemicals, and establishing a list of standard chemicals to be used in all sites.
  • Developing and implementing procurement and warehousing protocols for all chemicals.
  • Sourcing a third party provider of generic WHMIS online training for all personnel.
  • Writing and testing  customized WHMIS training and audit tools.
  • Training personnel to deliver workshops across both provinces.
  • Writing and implementing WHMIS policies and safe work procedures.
  • Procuring the new chemicals, training all personnel, and tracking completion of training.
  • Ensuring the ongoing maintenance of the program including annual refresher training for all personnel.