I bring a collaborative approach and can-do attitude to your project, ensuring  immediate impact and value for money.

There are 6 core principles which guide all my work:

  • Quality – I believe quality improvement starts with me.  I apply a critical lens to all my work ensuring it is accurate and thorough.  I don’t take shortcuts, nor do I gloss over important details.
  • Integrity – I am honest, genuine, and realistic. You can count on me to deliver on my promises.
  • Value – I am committed to providing products and solutions that are practical, cost-effective and impactful.
  • Sustainability – I try to have a positive, sustainable impact on the world around me. This is reflected in the resources I use, the positions I advocate, and the contributions I make to important causes.
  • Continuous learning – I am a curious, enthusiastic learner. I’m always working to enhance my skills and knowledge and apply them to the project at hand.
  • Collaboration – I believe collaboration is essential to ensure change efforts are grounded in reality, have support from key stakeholders and build on the talents of the whole team.

The Knot Garden

hedge garden

The knot garden speaks to the order and symmetry I bring to projects.  There are no dead ends, orphan plants, or overgrown hedges to clutter your vision of this garden.  In the same way, my work provides your organization with a clear plan, purposeful communications, and aligned systems.