A Year of Discovery

Last year, when I was starting my consulting business and worrying about many things, a wise friend of mine said, “you know what, people want you to succeed.”  As I look back over the past year, I can’t help but recognize the truth in that statement.  My journey began with family members who offered their design and communications skills to build my brand and my website.  Then a friend subcontracted me for my first job to get me started.  Then a previous colleague called about a contract.  Then a new acquaintance referred me to a potential client.

I haven’t won every project I have bid on but the work has been steady.  More importantly; however, it has been stimulating and satisfying.  My fear that I would end up pigeon-holed into one type of work has not materialized.  In fact, I have been surprised by the variety of opportunities that have opened up for me.  I am also proud to report some big successes: I produced a number of training tools that were very well-received and I helped one client obtain a large start-up grant from the provincial government.

I discovered that people DO want me to succeed and will use their skills, connections or talents to help me out.  When you ask for help or make your goals known, you might be surprised by the people in your life that rally around and do whatever they can to put you on the road to success.  For me, that is the best learning I could ever get from this self-employment journey.

2 thoughts on “A Year of Discovery

  1. Wonderful reflection Fiona. You’ve embarked on a journey surrounded by people who are likeminded that help each other, look out for one another. Congratulations on a successful first year!


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