Brainstorming for new perspectives

Sometimes you need a new perspective on an old issue.  That’s why I recently used the TRIZ brainstorming technique with a group I am working with.  TRIZ is a Russian term that translates to “inventive theory of problem solving.”  This technique encourages people to imagine a workplace process failing, instead of succeeding.  The behaviours that lead to such failure are listed and the group then considers whether they are currently exhibiting those behaviours and, if so, discusses how to change that behaviour.

I used the TRIZ technique with a client who wants to improve their new employee orientation and training processes.  The group had no problem identifying many behaviours that can lead to a poor on-boarding experience for a new employee.  The list showed that co-workers, senior management, and, particularly, supervisors all have an important role to play in getting a new employee off on the right foot.

Thanks to the B.C. Patient Safety and Quality Council ( for this and other quality improvement ideas.



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